FAQ – Intensive English

* What is an F-1 student visa?

The F-1 student visa is an immigration document required for foreign students who want to study in the United States full-time.

* Can I study another language with the F-1 student visa?

No; the student visa processed through Mind Fuel School applies only to the Intensive English Program.

* Can I transfer my current student visa with another school to Mind Fuel School?

Yes. To properly guide you on your specific case, please contact us through our email or phone / WhatsApp: info@mindfuelschool.com / 786-356-2679

* If I am in the United States, with a tourist visa, can I apply for an F-1 student visa?

Yes. As in the previous case, please contact us.

* Do I need medical insurance during my stay in the United States?

Yes; you can check prices online

* Can I receive the I-20 form by email?

No, because at the time of your interview at the American Embassy in your country of origin, you must submit the original Form I-20.

* What should I do when I receive my Form I-20 from Mind Fuel School?

Your Form I-20 will arrive in your country of residence / origin by express mail with instructions on how to obtain an interview at the American Embassy in your country.

Your F-1 student visa must be approved by the American Embassy before you can enter the United States.

* Can I be sponsored by a family member or friend?

Yes. However, you must submit the correct documentation:

Three months of sponsor’s bank statements, a notarized letter of support and any other document required by the US Embassy.

* How and when should I pay the Intensive English Program?

Only once your F-1 student visa has been approved.

The payment  of the Intensive English Program must be made within the following 5 business days to the approval of your F-1 student visa.

Mind Fuel School will send you an invoice detailing the start date, the duration of the program and the total cost of the program, including the materials ($ 100 every 3 months).

Payment or cancellation of this Intensive English Program may be made through bank transfer or online payment.